Jenbacher J 312

Jenbacher Type 3 engines are economical in maintenance and fuel consumption, and this provides customers with maximum efficiency. The generator has a long service life, and overhauls are only required after 80,000 hours of operation.
  • Two-stage liquid cooling increases the flexibility of the equipment.
  • The model works even in extreme operating conditions.
  • Constrained combustion control ensures minimal emissions.
  • Electric output635 kW
  • Thermal power739 kW
  • Electrical efficiency40,8 %
  • Thermal efficiency47,4 %
  • Overall efficiency88,2 %
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  • Energy input1558 kW
  • Fuel consumption*159 Nm3/hour
  • Rate of wear before overhaulup to 80 000 m/h
  • Life cycle of spark plugsup to 16 000 m/h
  • *Fuel consumption is based on a Lower Heating Value (LHV) of natural gas 9.8 kWh/Nm3


The world-famous 3-series engine has logged more than 220 million hours in operation; more than 8,000 of those have been delivered since 1988.


A high efficiency of 88.2 % and longer service intervals mean that Type 3 is as reliable as it is durable.


Type 3 is flexible in terms of possible fuel and possible solutions - it can be installed in a container, as part of a generating set, or fitted under a CHP unit.

Applicable gas types:

  • natural gas
  • biogas
  • landfill gas
  • sewage gas
  • coal mine methane
  • petroleum gases (associated petroleum gas, propane-butane etc)
  • metallurgical gases (coke-oven, blast-furnace, ferroalloy, converter gases, etc)
  • special gases (wood, pyrolysis, etc.)

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