A highly efficient process for the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity.

The highly efficient process of heat and power generation (CHP), in which electricity and heat are generated simultaneously is called Cogeneration. Compared with purchasing electricity from the centralised grid, it offers energy savings of up to 40%.

Cogeneration equipment is actively used in industry, greenhouses, infrastructure facilities (airports, hospitals, etc.), shopping malls and shopping centres, utility companies (heat supply to city districts and cottage communities) around the world.

How it works

The gas engine power plant (mini power plant) based on Jenbacher equipment, consists of the engine, generator, control system and heat exchangers, which use the dissipated heat.

The Jenbacher gas engine can be installed inside buildings or can be supplied as a ready to use standardised containerised solution (ready to use power plant).

The Jenbacher heat and power plant control systems distribute electricity and control the engines, while the hydraulic equipment provides the heat distribution. The generated electricity can be used for own needs or sold to the centralized grid. Thermal energy can be used for the production of hot water and steam. Also cogeneration systems with Jenbacher gas engines are used for CO2 generation in greenhouses and trigeneration systems (combined production of cooling, heat and power).

Benefits and Features

  • Simultaneous heat and power generation. The cost of energy from an in-house mini-CHP is 40 to 60 % lower than the tariffs, allowing the plant to pay for itself in 2 to 4 years, depending on the parameters and operating conditions.

  • High efficiency. Generate electricity with an efficiency of 48%, and when combined with heat up to 90%.

  • Energy independence. Complete independence from the regional power grid, and therefore from tariff increases. No construction costs for supply and distribution networks. The cogeneration plant is built close to the facilities.

  • Reliable and easy to operate.. On-site repairs, low operating costs and small size, i.e. low investment costs, possibility of clustering (parallel operation of several units).

  • Peak load operation. Full power is reached in up to 2 minutes.

  • Ergonomics and mobility. Possibility of execution in an all-weather, noise-protective modular-type casing for placement on the territory or an open version for installation in a building, for example, an existing boiler room.

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