Waste recycling with benefits for the company and nature. The Teofipol Biogas Plant is the largest in Europe, with a capacity of 26.1 MW.

Teofipolskaya energy company

The main activity of the Teofipolskaya Energy Company is the production of electricity. Teofipolskaya Energy Company is a part of the Ukraine 2001 group of companies, which is engaged in the cultivation of grain and industrial crops, pigs and cattle breeding, sugar beet processing and sugar production.


The idea of recycling sugarcane pulp and generating electricity came to the customer in 2010. Implemented examples in Europe and worldwide, pointed to the possibilities and benefits of waste recycling. The customer’s main requirement was the use of the most advanced technology and high reliability of the power generation equipment.


On 27 December 2017, the 1st stage of the Teofipol biogas plant with a capacity of 5.1 MWh was opened in Teofipil village. The raw material for the biogas production is waste material from the Teofipol sugar factory – sugarcane pulp. INNIO Jenbacher 3 x JMC 416 and 1 x JMC 420 gas-fired cogenerators are used to generate electricity from biogas.

In June 2018, the 2nd phase of the biogas plant with a capacity of 10.5 MWh started operation. The use of high-capacity reactor technology, with 16% dry matter content in the raw material substrate, made it possible to significantly reduce the size of the fermenters and hence the size of the capital expenditure. Another special feature was the use of mono-silage maize as substrate, which makes this biogas plant unique world-wide. Seven Jenbacher JMC 420 gas engine cogeneration modules were used to generate electricity.

As part of the development of the biogas complex, stages 3 and 4 have also been implemented, with capacities of 6 MWh and 4.5 MWh, respectively. For the third phase, it is planned to use straw from cereal crops as feedstock. The fourth stage will be based on a unique straw processing technology. For power generation, the customer has chosen the Jenbacher JMC 420 equipment. The equipment has already been purchased and installed.

Once all 4 phases are commissioned, the Teofipol Biogas Complex will be one of the most powerful biogas complexes in the world in agriculture. Its total capacity will be 26.1 MWh.

The construction of this project has been financed from the client’s own resources and with the help of financing from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

KTS Engineering was the main supplier of electricity generation equipment. Specialists from KTS Engineering proposed a container-type solution*, using a special version of Jenbacher JMC 416 and Jenbacher JMC 420 engines designed for specific features of the gas used.

* A Jenbacher container is a complete power plant that can be installed at any location, with quick start-up and ramp-up.

Solution features:

  1. The capacity of the complex. The biogas plant in Teofipol, with a capacity of 26.1 MWh, is the largest in Europe. It is Europe’s largest biogas plant, which operates with high-capacity reactor technology.
  2. Special version of Jenbacher engines. In order to achieve high reliability and efficiency, the Jenbacher engines were manufactured with a specific focus on the type of fuel used for the first phase (raw biogas). What makes this project unique is the different types of feedstock used for power generation from biogas. The main raw material for the production of electricity from biogas is waste products from livestock farms (pig farms), the beet pulp from a sugar factory, and specially grown maize silage.
  3. Fast commissioning and Mobility. The Jenbacher container is installed and connected at the generation site. The plant is then connected to the gas supply, the power delivery point, the district heating network and is 100% ready to start generating electricity and heat. Container solutions can be quickly disassembled and transported to another location if required.

Key project parameters

  • Type and quantity of equipment: 3 x JMС 416 GS-B.L
    15 x JMС 420 GS-B.L
  • Gas type: Biogas
  • Electric capacity: 3 x 1203 kW
    15 x 1500 kW
  • Electrical efficiency of the energy centre: 43%
  • Commissioning: 2017 - 2020

KTS Engineering's work on the project:

  • Selection of the optimum technical solution;
  • Installation and assembly work of equipment at the site;
  • Commissioning work;
  • Equipment service support via the remote monitoring system “myPlant;
  • Comprehensive after-sales service.

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