A comprehensive solution to reduce electricity and heat costs for businesses

GreenBox – a comprehensive solution to reduce electricity and heat costs for companies, based on JENBACHER equipment.

Within the framework of this format of cooperation KTS Engineering implements the construction (modernization) and comprehensive turnkey maintenance of the energy centre at minimum cost for the customer*. Customer’s costs consist of a minimum guaranteed payment and a monthly payment. When all costs are taken into account in this format of cooperation the level of reduction of costs of the enterprise for energy consumption (energy costs) will be from 20 to 40%. The level of energy cost reduction depends on the project parameters.

According to the contract KTS ENGINEERING is fully responsible for observance of deadlines, budget, quality of works, stable generation of electric and thermal energy.

GreenBox – the in-house production of electricity and heat with JENBACHER CHP units is a proven cost-saving tool for industrial companies.

The benefits of GreenBox

  1. Minimal initial costs. KTS Engineering supports the financing of “GreenBox Energy”. All costs are covered by the obtained savings on energy consumption.
  2. Obtaining low-cost electricity and heat for the company’s needs. The cost of energy from the in-house mini-CHP is lower than the grid tariffs, allowing the plant to immediately reduce its energy costs by 20-40% (from EUR 200,000 per year) per year.
  3. Minimising the customer’s risk. Professional solutions and service from KTS Engineering, relieves the customer of the worries and risks of operating a power plant. It guarantees an average annual operating time of 95% (8,322 m/hour per year).
  4. Energy independence and energy efficiency. Independence from the regional power grid, and therefore from tariff increases. GreenBox Energy is built close to the facilities, which ensures that there are no costs for the construction of supply and distribution networks.
  5. Reliable and quality energy source. High equipment reliability. Proven solutions. Many years of experience. Unit repair on site. Clustering possibilities (parallel operation of several units). Minimal start-up time.
  6. Opportunity to invest in core business. Investing in their own infrastructure rather than in the structure of the network companies. Raising funds for the project.

Prerequisites for GreenBox project implementation

Availability of natural gas for operation of Jenbacher equipment.

Minimum plant power consumption - 1.5 MWh

Minimum plant operating hours - 8000 hours/year

KTS Engineering's participation:

Funding support*

Customer participation

Timely payment
Power consumption
Supply of energy (gas)

Stages of the GreenBox program implementation:

  1. Enquiry
  2. Analysis of the customer’s energy economy
  3. Preparation of technical and commercial proposal
  4. Negotiating terms
  5. Conclusion of a contract
  6. Ordering basic and supplementary equipment
  7. Delivery of equipment
  8. Commissioning
  9. Maintenance of the equipment



GreenBox introductory programmes

  1. The GreenBox is based on a container-type power plant
  2. Duration of the programme is 48 months



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