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Baker Hughes - power generation and compression solutions for various industries. Equipment with unit capacity from 20 MW to 100 MW.

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Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is a technology company providing energy and industrial solutions around the world. Innovative products based on a century of experience in more than 120 countries enable the company to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet.

KTS Engineering is the distributor of Nuovo Pignone and Thermodyn manufacturers as part of Baker Hughes in Ukraine. KTS Engineering supplies components and spare parts, as well as offers maintenance services for compressors and turbines from these manufacturers.


Nuovo Pignone turbines and Thermodyn compressors. Equipment with a unit capacity from 20 MW to 100 MW.


Nuovo Pignone и Thermodyn

Nuovo Pignone is a leading global manufacturer of compressors and gas turbines for the oil and gas, chemical, heavy industry and power generation industries. It is part of Baker Hughes. Production facilities are located in Italy. It is one of the world’s oldest engineering companies, founded in 1842. Throughout more than 170-year history of the company a lot of equipment samples have been produced, which became industry standards.

The manufacturing plant Thermodyn (France), which is part of Baker Hughes, designs and produces centrifugal compressors and steam turbines. Production facilities are located in France, in Le Creusot. The company was founded in 1836. The first steam turbine was produced in 1905. Compressor production was added to steam turbines in the 1950s.

In 2000, the GE Oil & Gas division was created and included Nuovo Pignone, Gemini, Thermodyn and RotoFlow. In 2017, Nuove Pignone and Thermodyn became part of Baker Hughes.



Baker Hughes power generation and compression solutions are designed for a variety of industries including onshore and offshore production, liquefied natural gas (LNG), pipeline and gas processing, refining, petrochemical and industrial. Baker Hughes' technology and global expertise provide solutions for the most complex energy and industrial challenges.

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Baker Hughes
Nuovo Pignone &Thermodyn Services

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Turbomachinery and process solutions. Maintenance and modernisation

KTS Engineering services and retrofits Baker Hughes equipment using the technical expertise, hands-on experience and support of the original equipment manufacturer. Equipment upgrades improve the operating costs and productivity of technology at customers’ facilities.