To increase competitiveness and sustainability in the market, enterprises need to constantly improve their technological processes and find solutions to reduce the cost of production. One of the main cost items of industrial enterprises is the cost of consumed energy resources, which, depending on the type of production, can amount to 10 – 70% of their cost price. In-house production of electricity and heat by means of mini-cogeneration plants is a proven tool for achieving the above goals in the EU countries.

How does it work

The technological processes of most industrial enterprises are characterized by the simultaneous consumption of electrical and thermal energy. As a rule, electricity is supplied by external power grids, while heat is produced by our own boiler houses using natural gas. To significantly reduce energy consumption costs and, accordingly, reduce the cost of production, an alternative, more efficient energy supply technology is needed.

The highest efficiency of energy production is currently demonstrated by gas-piston cogeneration units. For example, for modern plants manufactured by JENBACHER, the electrical efficiency is up to 46.7%, and considering heat extraction, the overall efficiency reaches 90%. This allows you to significantly reduce the share of energy costs in the cost of electricity and heat produced.

Benefits and special features

  • Obtaining low-cost electricity and heat for the company’s needs. The cost of energy from the in-house mini-CHP is 40 to 60 % lower than the tariffs, allowing the plant to pay for itself in 2 to 4 years, depending on the parameters and operating conditions.

  • High efficiency. The total fuel utilization rate in installations reaches 90%. Generate electricity with an efficiency of 47%, and together with heat up to 90%.

  • Energy independence and energy efficiency. Complete independence from the regional power grid, and therefore from tariff increases. No construction costs for supply and distribution networks. The CHP plant is built close to the facilities. There are low investment costs and ability to regulate capacity.

  • Reliable and easy to operate. On-site repairs, low operating costs and small size, i.e. low investment costs, possibility of clustering (parallel operation of several units).

  • Technology and innovation. Patented, unique combustion control system for mixtures.

  • Peak load operation. Full power is reached in up to 2 minutes.

  • Ergonomics and mobility. Possibility of execution in an all-weather, noise-insulating modular type casing for placement on the territory or in an open version for installation in a building, for example, an existing boiler room.

A team of specialists from KTS Engineering is ready to provide a feasibility study for a cost reduction program for enterprises with an energy consumption of 300 kW and above. Own generation is the best investment in the development of the enterprise!

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