Reduced plant emissions by 40%, improved energy efficiency and reduced plant costs by 51%

One of Europe’s largest soft drinks plants is fully self-sufficient in electricity thanks to innovative technology.

The Ukrainian plant of the world leader in the production of beverages is located near the village Velika Dimerka in Brovary district of the Kyiv region, the plant began operation in 1998. The plant in Ukraine is one of the largest in the group of the company.


In line with the European Union’s emissions reduction initiative, world leader in the production of beverages launched an initiative to reduce industrial emissions. The company planned to switch to its own energy centres based on cogeneration gas-fired engines, at bottling plants in 12 countries around the world.

 Project objectives:

  1. Reduction of industrial emissions by more than 20%
  2. Reduction of energy costs by 50%.
  3. Reliable power supply for the plant.


INNIO JENBACHER (GE Energy) supplied ContourGlobal (the project developer), 19 Jenbacher gas engines with a total capacity of 58 megawatts (MW).  The project included its own power centres in Ukraine, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Serbia and Nigeria.

The Jenbacher natural gas-powered plants produce electricity to meet company need for a reliable on-site source of power. The systems also provide heat, cooling and CO2.

In 2010, the plant launched its own 13MW energy center at the plant in Ukraine.

Solution features:

  1. Quadrogeneration. What makes this project unique is the maximum efficiency of the energy centre, realised through the use of all types of energy. “Quadro translates as ‘four’ from Latin. Quadrogeneration is a unique project on a global scale.
  2. The efficiency of the energy centre is 95%. The efficiency factor (COP) from the use of natural gas at this plant reaches 95%. Compared to traditional power plants, the energy efficiency of a quad-generation plant is more than twice as high!
  3. Reduction of emissions by 40%. Each bottling plant using Jenbacher engines disposes of more than 40% of its annual carbon dioxide emissions.

Thanks to Jenbacher`s solutions, the in-house energy center fully meets the production needs of the Ukrainian plant of the world leader in the production of beverages in electricity, heat and cold energy, and carbon dioxide.

Key project parameters

  • Type and quantity of equipment: 4 x JMS 620 GS-N.L
  • Gas type: Natural gas
  • Electric capacity: 4 x 3.360 kW
  • Thermal capacity: 4 x 3.120 kW
  • Energy centre efficiency: >94%
  • Equipment supplier: ContourGlobal
  • Commissioning: 2010

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