Jenbacher J 620

Thanks to continuous improvements and extensive experience, the Jenbacher 6-series gas engines from INNIO are an advanced and reliable addition to our product range. A speed of 1,500 rpm leads to a high energy density with low installation costs, and the starter chamber allows high performance with low emissions.
  • Electric output3352 kW
  • Thermal power3172 kW
  • Electrical efficiency45,8 %
  • Thermal efficiency42,9 %
  • Overall efficiency88,7 %
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  • Energy input7324 kW
  • Fuel consumption747 Nm3/hour
  • Rate of wear before overhaulup to 80 000 m/h
  • Life cycle of spark plugsup to 16 000 m/h
  • *Fuel consumption is based on a Lower Heating Value (LHV) of natural gas 9.8 kWh/Nm3


The starter chamber of the Series 6 engine delivers high performance. The centrally positioned starter chamber helps ensure optimum combustion conditions. The ignition energy of the spark plug is increased in the ignition chamber, ensuring stable and reliable combustion.


With technologies such as LEANOX* lean-mix control and the improved steel piston, the engines in Series 6 have significantly reduced emissions.


Improved engine components and a service life of 60,000 hours continue the Jenbacher tradition of quality and reliability. The Miller cycle valve stroke provides a reduced compression temperature and increased margin of safety against hydraulic shocks, leading to improved ignition timing and increased performance.

Applicable gas types

  • natural gas
  • biogas
  • landfill gas
  • sewage gas
  • coal mine methane
  • petroleum gases (associated petroleum, propane-butane etc)
  • metallurgical gases (coke-oven, blast-furnace, ferroalloy, converter gases, etc)
  • special gases (wood, pyrolysis, etc.)

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