Jenbacher containerised power plant based on 3 series

The Jenbacher container is a high quality plant, which is a complete product (complete power plant) and can be installed wherever cost-effective and very rapid commissioning and design capacity is required. The Jenbacher containers have been fully tested in the Jenbacher factory laboratory. The compact design ensures a compact installation with easy accessibility for maintenance.
  • Power526 – 1 063 kW
  • Length12 000 mm
  • Width3 000 mm
  • Height4 100 mm
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Jenbacher container comes in two versions:

  • Generator set – container, alternator, ventilation system, cooling and control system, and separate engine management system.
  • Cogeneration plant – generator set + heat radiator, plate heat exchangers and exhaust gas heat exchanger.

The Jenbacher container is installed and connected at the generation site. The plant is then connected to the gas supply, the power delivery point, the district heating network and is 100% ready to start generating electricity and heat. Containerised solutions can be quickly dismantled and transported to another location as required. They are an attractive option for companies seeking financing because the generating asset is easily portable.


All types of gases, where the most economical solutions, sound insulation requirements and a high degree of mobility are preferred.


The containerised design is used for different applications and depends on the specific requirements of the project and the customer.


Containerised execution provides an easily movable and marketable asset in terms of project finance and rapid commissioning.

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