Waukesha 275GL+

The Waukesha 275GL+ represents an advanced generation of powerful gas compression engines. With a combination of rugged design and innovative technology, the 275GL+ lean-mix engine delivers excellent fuel flexibility, efficiency, power production and low emissions. The 275GL+ engine guarantees a long life cycle.
  • Power 12V3750 h.p.
  • Power 16 V5 000 h.p.
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275GL+ performance characteristics 12 V 275GL+ 16 V 275GL+
Output (hp eff. power) 3 750 5 000
BSFC (specific fuel consumption when tested on brake bench), (Btu/hp power output/hour; +5% lower calorific value) 6 481 6 464
Altitude without power reduction; (ft) at 100 °F 4 000 3 000
Start of fuel capacity reduction 70 WKI 1125 Btu/ft3 360 WKI 1450 Btu/ft3
Allowable Fuel Range – Upper Level 35 WKI 2300 Btu/ft3 35 WKI 2300 Btu/ft3
Allowable Fuel Range – Low Level 600 Btu/ft3 550 Btu/ft3
NOx (g/hp power efficiency) 0.5 0.5
CO2e (g/hp power efficiency) 1.6 1.6
NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbons)(g/ltr. s.p.e. power output per hour) 0.7 0.8
CO2e (g/hp power efficiency) 509 525

The 275GL+ represents the latest generation of heavy duty lean burn engines.


The 275GL+ complies with the 2010 EPA New Ignition Equipment Emission Standard (SI NSPS). (SI NSPS) for NOx, CO and VOC without a catalyst.


The 275GL + can operate on fuels with H2S content up to 1,000 ppm without gas treatment and operates on fuels in a wide range of 600-2,300 BTU / cu. foot.


The 275GL+ is easy to fit and includes a factory fitted lube oil system, engine mounted pre-lubrication pump and cooling system thermostats.

Scope of application:

  • Emergency and standby power supply
  • Injection into reservoir
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Mobile and emergency power supply
  • Oil and gas
  • Pumping of oil and gas
  • Inline processing
  • Recovery of produced gas / Wellhead
  • Storage
  • Energy supply for oilfields

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