Oil and gas industry

'Efficient Energy Generation for Oil and Gas Production, Transportation and Refining

In today’s ever-changing oil and natural gas environment, economic efficiency and environmental protection come first. Backed by more than a century of experience and pioneering developments, INNIO Waukesha gas engines provide reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly power generation for mobile and stationary applications. Waukesha equipment can be found working offshore and in remote corners of the globe in all phases of oil handling – exploration and production, transportation and storage, refining and marketing.

Main areas of application:

  • Pumping into the reservoir
  • Pumping oil and gas
  • Consistent refining

How it works

Injection into formation. Secondary production methods allow oil producers to produce more oil from older wells. Many of these technologies include injection processes that use compressors. INNIO Waukesha gas engines are widely used to power compressors at production sites. They typically run on raw gas extracted directly from the wellhead. To perform gas lift, the compressor injects gas into the casing of the oil well, where it passes through lift valves at different levels, causing the oil to rise out of the well. To inject gas, the compressor injects gas into the oil reservoir to increase the pressure and push more oil and gas through the well tube.

Oil and gas pumping. Gas transfer pipelines stretch for hundreds of miles, and as the gas moves through the pipeline, the pressure drops, which slows down the gas flow. To increase the pressure in the pipeline and maintain gas flow, compressors are placed at various points along the pipeline. Where electricity is unavailable or unreliable, a reliable compressor power system is needed to move the gas. Compressors running on the same gas they are compressing are an economical alternative to electrically powered compressors.

Downstream processing. Raw natural gas undergoes a multistage treatment process before it is available for sale as a fuel. Waukesha’s variable speed natural gas engines drive compressors that pressurise and circulate the gas during the various stages of treatment, improve conditions for chemical reactions, and recover and recompress the treated gas.

Benefits and Features

  • Robust. INNIO Waukesha gas engines operate with an exceptional degree of reliability in harsh conditions.

  • Admissibility of the fuels: Waukesha gas engines can run on a very wide range of field gas qualities.

  • Greater performance: Waukesha engines operate at full power at high altitudes and elevated ambient temperatures.

  • Speed control: The wide control range of gas engines handles part-load operation better than electric compressors.

  • Reduced energy costs: The retained heat of the consumed energy (exhaust) is used for other processes, reducing energy and operating costs as well as carbon emissions.

  • Exhaust flexibility: INNIO offers technological solutions to meet most local air quality requirements.

  • Less emissions per unit of power: Waukesha enriched gas engines with three-way catalyst achieve more power on site and therefore more output and efficiency.

  • General engine management: The fully integrated control and diagnostics system optimises engine performance and maximises uptime.

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