A reliable source of energy supply for an enterprise with a continuous production cycle

Kremenchug confectionery factory "Roshen" PrJSC

Kremenchug confectionery factory (Roshen) is one of the oldest enterprises in Ukraine, which specializes in the production of sweet products. The factory was founded in 1898 by entrepreneur P.N. Sub-region.

Today, about 500 people work at the Kremenchug ROSHEN confectionery factory, and its production capacity can reach 300 tons per day. The production of ROSHEN in Kremenchug is focused on the production of caramel products.


The location of the factory in the center of Kremenchug makes it dependent on the regional energy provider. For modern production lines with a continuous cycle of operation, a reliable power supply is critical, but the city grid cannot guarantee and provide a stable supply of electricity.

The solution to the issue of unstable operation of the centralized power grid for the enterprise Kremenchug Confectionery Factory was its own power generation.


After all the tender procedures, the Kremenchug Confectionery Factory chose KTS Engineering as a solution provider. The contract provided for the supply of a Jenbacher gas engine unit, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the energy center equipment.

In February 2022, the delivery of the Jenbacher JMS 416 GS-N.L power plant with a waste heat steam boiler, electric power – 1.2 MW was completed. Due to the outbreak of war, the installation of equipment was stopped until July 2022. In September 2022, the Jenbacher cogeneration power plant was put into operation by our specialists.

To restore the operation of the enterprise during rolling blackouts in the period November-December 2022, the Jenbacher cogeneration unit was transferred to the “Island mode” of operation and was introduced in parallel with a diesel generator. This solution allowed the Jenbacher plant to carry more than 80% of the entire plant load and achieve significant savings.

Solution Features

  1. Using exhaust gas to produce steam. The own energy center of the Kremenchug Confectionery Factory provides the production of 1.2 MW of electric power and 1.2 MW of thermal energy for heating hot water for heating and technological needs, and the heat output of the gas exhaust is sent to operating steam boilers to reduce the consumption of natural gas by gas boilers.
  2. Risk reduction and economic effect. The new Jenbacher equipment will provide a reliable energy supply for the Kremenchug confectionery factory (Roshen), will allow additionally and without gas costs to produce 809 kg / h of industrial steam, which is used in the production of sweets at the factory. Despite the fact that the price of gas is now at historical peaks, for a business that has a long planning horizon, having its own energy center against the backdrop of periodic power outages that lead to disruptions in production is commercially profitable.

Key project parameters

  • Type and quantity of equipment 1 x JMC 416 GS-N.L
  • Gas type Natural gas
  • Electric capacity 1 x 1.202 kW
  • Heating capacity 1 x 1.269 kW
  • Overall efficiency 88.4%
  • Solution Provider KTS Engineering
  • Commissioning september 2022

KTS Engineering`s work on the project

  • Selection of the optimal technical solution
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation and assembly work of equipment on site
  • Commissioning
  • Online control of equipment operation in real time through the remote monitoring system “myPlant”
  • Comprehensive service

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