Energy efficiency as a competitive advantage

Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine. Reducing the cost of production with the help of our own energy center.

KYIV-ATLANTIC UKRAINE (KAU), a subsidiary of AGROLIFE GmbH, is a modern grain processing center located approximately 100 kilometers south of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The KAU grain processing center consists of a grain storage elevator with a capacity of 42,500 tons and a compound feed plant with a capacity of 90,000 tons (bulk) / 40,000 tons (packaged feed) per year, built according to advanced Dutch technology.

Over the past two years, KAU has undergone complete reconstruction and renewal of all major production facilities.


According to the KAU development plan, the construction of a new universal extraction plant is planned. The necessary additional electrical capacity for the first phase of expansion of the enterprise is 3 MW.

Key goals of the project

  1. Providing the plant with a reliable source of electricity and heat supply.
  2. Energy independence of the enterprise.
  3. Reduction of energy consumption costs.
  4. Obtaining steam for technological processes of the new plant.


The solution to the task of energy supply of the enterprise for KAU was its own energy center based on two Jenbacher cogeneration gas engines.

The implementation of the project required a long technical discussion and the selection of a special solution, as a result, a leasing contract was signed between KAU and KTS Engineering for the supply of two Jenbacher cogeneration modules with a capacity of 1.5 MW each.


Solution features

  1. Use of exhaust gas for steam production. KAU’s own power center provides the production of 3 MW of electric power and 1.8 MW of thermal energy for heating hot water for heating and technological needs, as well as the thermal power of gas exhaust is directed to operating steam boilers to reduce the consumption of natural gas by gas boilers.
  2. Fast commissioning and mobility. The Jenbacher power plant in a container version is installed and connected at the generation site. Then the installation is connected to the gas supply, the electricity supply point, heat networks and is 100% ready to start the production of electricity and heat. Container solutions can be quickly disassembled and transported to another place if necessary.

The own energy center operates on natural gas, allowing KAU to ensure the fulfillment of the key goals of the project and the reduction of energy costs in the cost of manufactured products.

Key project parameters

  • Type and quantity of equipment 2 x JMC 420 GS-N.L.
  • Gas type Natural gas
  • Electric capacity 2 x 1.498 kW
  • Thermal capacity 2 x 1.376 kW
  • Commissioning date October 2021

KTS Engineering`s work on the project

  • Solution development
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation of equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Online monitoring of equipment operation in real time via the remote monitoring system “myPlant”
  • Comprehensive service

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Increasing the efficiency and reliability of the energy center.

Increasing the efficiency and reliability of the energy center.

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