The ways sugar waste could be used efficiently

PANDA LTD. Biogas production from mono-substrate from sugarcane pulp

“Panda” is a company that controls a group of sugar refineries in Cherkasy region and is one of the largest sugar producers in the country. The leading plant “Selishchanskiy”, has a processing capacity of 3000 tonnes of sugar beet per day.


The enormous amount of toxic waste produced, i.e. sugarcane pulp, makes it necessary for the company to find an efficient way of disposing of it. Anaerobic fermentation of sugarcane waste is considered the most attractive from both an environmental and an economic point of view. From 1 ton of sugar beet in the process of sugar production is formed about 30% of pressed beet pulp and about 4% of beet molasses. In the process of anaerobic fermentation (fermentation) from 1 ton of the same pulp is formed about 120 m3 of biogas, and from 1 ton of molasses – 400 m3 of biogas.


In November 2019, biogas complex for electricity production of Korsun Eco Energo LLC, founded by Panda, with a capacity of 7.5 MW began its operation. Beet pulp and beet molasses from Selishchansk Sugar Plant are used as raw materials. A distinctive feature of the project was the use of mono-substrate sugarcane as raw material, metal fermenters and a stone removal system.

For the production of electrical energy, the customer chose INNIO JENBACHER equipment. To implement the project, 5 Jenbacher JMC 420 gas piston engines were purchased, each with a capacity of 1.5 MW.

The main criteria in selecting equipment JENBACHER for the customer, were widely recognized reliability, high technical and economic performance and availability of qualified maintenance in Ukraine, in the face of KTS Engineering.

Specialists from KTS Engineering proposed a container-type solution*, using a special version of Jenbacher engines designed for the specifics of biogas.

Solution features:

  1. Power output to the grid. The peculiarity of this solution is the principle of supplying power to the grid. For the first time, the generated electricity was supplied to the grid at 10 kW, without the use of an intermediate transformer.
  2. Fast commissioning and Mobility. The Jenbacher container is installed and connected at the generation site. The plant is then connected to the gas supply, the power delivery point, the district heating network and is 100% ready to start generating electricity and heat. Container solutions can be quickly disassembled and transported to another location if required.

In fact, the implementation of this project enables “PANDA” to solve its waste problems, improve the region’s environment and generate additional income for the company.

Key project parameters

  • Type and quantity of equipment: 5 x JMC 420 GS-B.L.
  • Gas type: Biogas
  • Electric capacity: 2 x 1.500 kW
  • Electrical efficiency of the energy centre: 43%
  • Equipment supplier: KTS Engineering
  • Commissioning: 2019

KTS Engineering's work on the project:

  • Supply of equipment;
  • Commissioning;
  • Remote monitoring of equipment via the “myPlant” system;
  • After-sales service.

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