Refurbished spare parts

reUp PROGRAMME - high quality for a lower price

The performance of an engine depends on the condition of its internal parts. In the course of operation, key engine parts are subject to natural wear and tear, and the efficiency of the equipment may be reduced. The reUp programme of genuine Waukesha remanufactured main parts is designed to improve machine performance. The reUp remanufactured parts meet stringent quality standards, but at a fraction of the price of a new OE part.

Key benefits:

  • The reliability of your equipment. Waukesha equipment is known for its durability and reliability As part of the reUp programme, INNIO offers new, fully refurbished parts, not just reconditioned ones.
  • Increased reliability. Only INNIO offers a holistic and system engineering approach to rebuilding Waukesha engine parts. Each part comes with an INNIO factory warranty.
  • Reduced operating costs. Prices for remanufactured parts are 60-70% lower than the cost of new original parts.

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