Oil and gas transportation and storage

MIDSTREAM Oil & Gas Transportation and Storage

Hydrocarbon deposits are in most cases far from the end users. Pipelines around the world transport billions of cubic metres of gas and liquid petroleum products, often over long distances. The transport of gas often requires the transported gas itself to be used as fuel for compressor station equipment.

Baker Hughes produces turbomachinery units with stationary and aircraft-type turbines that operate with exceptional reliability in remote and often harsh conditions on available gas types.

For compressor stations with a reliable power supply, Baker Hughes has developed an efficient and compact solution – the integrated compressor. This highly efficient product was created using a combination of 4 proven technologies: compressor, magnetic bearing system, high-speed motor, high-frequency drive.

Benefits and special features

  • Exceptional reliability. Reliability proven by decades of success around the world, comprehensive solutions and a wide range of equipment capacity make Baker Hughes a market leader in gas and hydrocarbon transportation equipment.

  • Customised solutions. Baker Hughes offers customised solutions for gas companies and compressor stations, for low-noise conveyance and distribution management.

  • Innovation. Baker Hughes offers innovative integrated solutions and a wide range of equipment and services for the oil and gas industry.

Baker Hughes is the global market leader in gas and hydrocarbon transportation equipment!

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