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Baker Hughes is one of the largest and most respected oilfield service companies in the world. The company offers equipment and services for exploration, appraisal, drilling and production of oil, natural gas and hard-to-recover hydrocarbons, as well as geothermal energy development. Baker Hughes equipment and services help reduce costs, reduce risk and improve productivity during hydrocarbon and geothermal energy production.

How it works

Exploration and Production (E&P) is also called the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Exploration is the search for potential oil and natural gas deposits and the drilling of wells. Production is the subsequent operation of wells to produce marketable oil and natural gas.

Once the well has been drilled and the casing has been installed, a set of valves – flow fittings – are installed on top to regulate pressure and control flow. To boost the pressure inside the well, a CO2 or water injection process is used. A gaslift method can be used to reduce the density of the fluid being lifted to the surface.

Wells produce a multiphase mixture of oil, water and gas. Products from several wells are combined and separated in large separators. Test separators or multiphase flow meters and wet gas meters are used to determine the performance of each well individually. The water that separates after production is either re-injected into the well or treated and discharged as treated water.

With many years of global experience in a variety of environments, Baker Hughes offers solutions and equipment that optimize production, efficiency and safety for the full range of process solutions, from onshore production to offshore production facilities.

Benefits and special features

  • Technologicality. An increasing proportion of oil and gas production comes from offshore reserves, with modern technology and equipment from Baker Hughes, making it possible to produce oil and gas from deepwater and shallow-water reservoirs.

  • Reliability and innovation. Baker Hughes has been developing complete solutions for oil and gas production for decades. The complex applications of Baker Hughes equipment have led to many innovations, ensuring unmatched reliability and longevity in all environments and types of fields.

  • Cost reduction. Baker Hughes equipment and services reduce costs, reduce risk and improve productivity during hydrocarbon production and geothermal power generation.

Baker Hughes – improves field development efficiency!

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