European Power Grid Blackout Prevented

European Power Grid Blackout Prevented

The automated security system made it possible to restore the frequency in the shortest possible time. Fast start-up, flexible and conveniently dispatched Jenbacher engines responded instantly to the threat of network failure. The Jenbacher “MyPlant” remote monitoring and diagnostics system recorded the instant response of Jenbacher engines to work in support of the grid with a maximum output of more than 6,000 MW of electrical power.

On January 8, 2021, the European Power Grid experienced a sharp drop in frequency. The blackout was avoided, among other things, thanks to the quick response of about 4000 KSU Jenbacher.

Jenbacher Cogeneration Gas Units (CGU) are the most effective means of dealing with critical deviations. Working in standard modes, they instantly respond to a drop in frequency by increasing the power.

In addition to energy and heat supply, decentralized cogeneration solves a very important and increasingly urgent task of the power system – it is an instant response to frequency changes and the need to balance the power system.

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