MCL compressors with horizontal split

The MCL horizontal split compressor has a long history of development and application of the latest technology, primarily in the LNG market. With its fully API compliant configuration, it can easily provide maximum flow, high reliability with any drive, and easy maintenance.
  • Discharge pressure< 60 bar
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Technical specifications

MCL horizontally split compressors Unit of measurement MCL
Pressure discharge bar < 60
Inlet flow range (design point) m3/h < 600 000
Maximum number of phases < 3
Speed rpm < 20 000
Configuration 1 in-line, back-to-back, double flow


Dual-flow design provides maximum volumetric flow without increasing casing size for standard drive speeds Constantly renewed geometry of the compressor stage impellers ensures optimum performance in all medium or low-pressure applications. Service friendly design with horizontal split, provides access to the rotor.


Custom configurations available: in-line, back-to-back, intercooled. Flanges up to 86" withstand up to 20 NEMA; 72" diameter impellers manufactured using milling and robotic welding Full compliance with API requirements.


The MCL compressor with horizontal split ensures maximum performance with a long service life.

Areas of application:

  • Petroleum processing
  • Petroleum chemistry
  • LNG
  • Air separation

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