Steam turbines for electricity generation

Baker Hughes steam turbines are a comprehensive solution for power generation in the industrial and oil and gas sectors. Baker Hughes steam turbines have best-in-class reliability and low operating costs.
  • Power range2-150 MW
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Technical specifications

Power range 2-150 MW
Frequency and generator type 50/60 Hz, 2 and 4 poles
Controlled selection Internal, up to 2
Launch capability daily
Configuration: Linear, dual-flow, reversible or double casing
Exhaust location Axial or radial
Low vacuum capabilities Erosion protection control functions
Special materials Available for highly corrosive environments


The equipment can be tested at the Baker Hughes facility before shipment. Steam turbine design is designed for high reliability and an optimized maintenance plan. Conversion and modification options available to improve maintainability and reduce operating costs.


Condensate type and with back pressure, multiple extraction/injection for process needs. Single, parallel, double flow configurations for non-reheat and reheat cycles; axial/radial exhaust, skid-mounted or mounted on concrete foundations. Fast start-up and rotor control optimise performance for daily start-ups, peak operation, etc.


The flexible modular design provides customised solutions for the project, ensuring best-in-class reliability and efficiency.

Areas of application:

• Energy supply for oil and gas production and refining.
• Industrial energy supply: combined cycle.

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