PGT25+G5/LM2500+G5 Aircraft-type gas turbine

The G5 aviation-type gas turbine is the latest technological generation of the PGT25/LM2500O gas turbine series. The use of innovation and proven engineering solutions has resulted in high efficiency and reliability. The PGT25+G5/LM2500O+G5 gas turbines are available in two 'High Power' and 'Xtend' versions.
  • High Power modification - provides a capacity of 38.3 MW and 41% efficiency.
  • The Xtend modification - offers the best NOx emissions in its class and also has extended service intervals.
  • Generator drive power36.8 MW
  • Mechanical drive power38.3 MW
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Technical specifications

Modification LM2500/PGT25+G5 +G5 High Power +G5 Xtend 15ppm
Generator drive Unit of measurement LM2500+G5 50Hz LM2500+G5 50Hz
Power MW 36.8 32.9
Efficiency % 40 39.4
NOx ррm 25 15
Exhaust gas temperature °C 560 535
Speed rpm 1500 – 3150 1500 – 3150
Length-Width m 16 x 3.4 16 x 3.4
Weight tonnes 135 135
Mechanical drive Unit of measurement PGT25+G5 PGT25+G5
Power MW 38.3 34
Efficiency % 41 40
NOx ррm 25 15
Exhaust gas temperature °C 540 512
Speed rpm 3050 – 6450 3050 – 6450
Length-Width m 18.9 x 4.2 18.9 x 4.2
Weight tonnes 225 225
Service intervals
Hot runner inspection (medium repairs) hours 25 000 36 000
Major repairs hours 50 000 72 000


Up to 41% efficiency in a simple cycle. Start-up in just 5 minutes. Compact design and light weight.


Maximum fuel flexibility: can run on different types of liquid and gaseous fuels. Extended maintenance intervals (36,000 hours average repair and 72,000 hours before overhaul). Modular replacement philosophy and easy maintenance ensure best-in-class availability and reliability.


High pressure compressor, inherited from the G4 family with a redesign for longer service life. The combustion chamber design incorporates the latest technology and DLE emission reduction features of the LM6000 turbine.

Areas of application:

  • Gas pipelines
  • Underground gas storage facilities
  • Electricity generation: 50/60 Hz without reducer
  • Industrial, combined heat and power supply

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