API 618 piston compressors

API 618 compressors have been renowned for decades for their low vibration levels resulting in high efficiency, low operating costs and low energy consumption. API 618 compressors are used in all petroleum processing, petroleum chemistry and natural gas processing technologies, including hydrocracking, ammonia production, refrigeration, reinjection and gas lift.
  • Max. power435 kW
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Technical specifications

Family Frame size/model Throws Max. power* (kW) Max rod load (kN) Max. speed (rpm)
API 618 process OA 1 435 117 800
API 618 process HA 2-4 2120 145 1000
API 618 process HB 2-6 5520 236 800
API 618 process HD 2-8 10400 322 700
API 618 process HE 2-10 28700 670 800
API 618 process HF 2-10 34600 1140 514
API 618 process HG 2-10 66820 1980 514
API 618 natural gas SHM 2-6 7980 358 1200
API 618 natural gas SHMB 2-4 5320 358 1200


Fully integrated solution including motor, piping, frame and control panel. The API 618 is available in a range of 10 variants which ensure maximum availability and reliability for all applications.


The modular design allows up to 10 cylinders per frame, with cylinder sizes up to 1250 mm. The production range extends from 100 to 20,000 kW and up to 800 bar. Double-acting piston with a load capacity of 1980 kN; fully balanced crank mechanism available for use on offshore platforms.


API 618 reciprocating compressors are the ideal combination of high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Areas of application:

  • All variations of petroleum processing
  • Natural gas
  • Hydrogen

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