Turbo expander compressors

Baker Hughes turbo expander - a compressor unit is available in a wide range of versions and sizes on the market. Many years of manufacturing, operating experience and innovative technology ensure that Baker Hughes turbo expander units are highly efficient in the simultaneous process of refrigeration and energy recovery.
  • Shaft power0,1-15 MW
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Technical specifications

Power on the shaft 0,1-15 MW
Maximum speed 60 000 rpm
Inlet / outlet flange max. 2/48 inch
Maximum inlet pressure 250 bar
Temperature range from -270 °C to +270 °C
Enthalpy drop per stage 300 kJ/kg
Maximum liquid content at inlet 1% of the weight
Maximum liquid content at outlet 35% of the weight


Efficient equipment design, guarantee optimum cooling and maximum energy recovery for compressions. Zero leakage design Oil or magnetic bearings


Advanced and proven design with a wide range of tested wheels up to 1000 mm diameter for heavy duty machines. Wide range of sizes up to 15 MW on magnetic bearings or oil filled bearings with dry gas seals for aggressive gases. Possibility of comprehensive testing of all turbomachinery equipment at full load.


Turbo expander compressors – produce high efficiency compression for cryogenic refrigeration

Areas of application:

  • LNG gas treatment
  • Gas treatment: dew point control, liquefied gas fraction extraction, cooling
  • Petroleum chemistry: ethylene, synthesis gas, high H2 process

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