How to solve an environmental problem, reduce costs for the company and make a profit from waste.

Energy recovery of livestock waste.

The Ukrainian agricultural holding, which is the largest producer and exporter of chicken meat, has implemented a project of its own generation at one of its three largest poultry complexes in Ukraine, located in the village of Elizavetovka, Dnepropetrovsk region, a project of its own generation.


Since the start of operations in 1998 and for many years thereafter, the main concern of the poultry farm management has been the continuing complaints of local residents about the unpleasant odours caused by inadequate disposal of production waste.  In search of a solution to the environmental problems, the specialists of Agro Holding studied the available technologies for the disposal of chicken manure worldwide. After a thorough analysis, the choice was made in favour of anaerobic fermentation – the most environmentally and economically efficient energy disposal of animal waste.


2012 the construction of the world’s largest biogas complex on chicken manure with a capacity of 5.7 MW began. Capital expenditures amounted to 15 million euros. The plant uses poultry litter, slaughterhouse waste and wastewater from the wastewater treatment plant as raw materials. After undergoing biochemical fermentation processes, they were transformed into valuable organic fertilizers with a high content of valuable nutrients.

As a result, the main environmental issues were resolved and all conflicts with the local population were settled. The place of toxic waste was taken by a valuable and necessary product for the cultivation of agricultural crops. Recycled organic waste, after going through the processes of biochemical destruction, becomes a valuable organic fertilizer, which is used for growing forage crops in the fields of Agro Holding.

JENBACHER’s JMC 320 and JMC 420 cogeneration units, with a total capacity of 5.7 MW, are used to generate electricity and heat.

The high economic effect of the project was achieved thanks to the sale of generated electricity at a green tariff and the substitution of natural gas in technological processes with thermal energy of own production.

Solution features:

  1. Energy Efficiency and the Environment. The energy generated can “heat” 18,000 flats. The company uses only 5% of the resources, and the rest is sold for general use. Thus, it does not need the electricity generated by the coal-fired power plants. It is the first biogas plant in Europe with such a capacity and level of technology and is powered by chicken manure and waste from the broiler chicken processing plant.
  2. Qualified equipment service. Thanks to the systematic and qualified service provided by KTS Engineering specialists, the installed capacity utilisation factor (ICUF) of the biogas complex was 91.8%. This is the best result among all 18 biogas complexes operating in Ukrainian agriculture.

Implementation of the project allows Agro Holding to meet the following objectives:

  • Achievement of energy independence.
  • Production of environmentally friendly organic biological fertilizers.
  • Preserving the environment in the regions where all MHP Group companies are present.

Key project parameters

  • Type and quantity of equipment: 4 x JMC 320 GS-B.L.
    1 x JMC 420 GS-B.L.
  • Gas type: Biogas
  • Electric capacity: 4 x 1.067 kW
    1 x 1.500 kW
  • Electrical efficiency of the energy centre: 90%
  • Commissioning: 2013

KTS Engineering's work on the project:

  • Comprehensive after-sales service.
  • Overhaul of equipment.

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