MYPLANT – online monitoring of Waukesha equipment


The myPlant APM solution from INNIO Waukesha provides real-time monitoring and diagnostics for engines, compressors and oilfield equipment. This cloud-based technology provides preventive and predictive analytics for efficient management of Waukesha equipment.

Benefits of myPlant APM from INNIO Waukesha:

Reliability – improved reliability through early detection of problems based on analytics.

Productivity – Improved equipment performance through reduction through remote problem solving and troubleshooting.

Efficiency – lower operating costs through real-time monitoring of equipment status. myPlant provides easy centralized access to the equipment (engines, compressors, BoP, etc.) and automates reporting.

Key features of myPlant APM from INNIO Waukesha

Module Functionality Connect (engine monitoring) Protect (motor operation control)
Engine condition monitoring Engine status
Engine operating data
Summary of emergency warnings
Mobility Mobile app for iOS and Android
Engine management conditions Instant email/SMS notification
Reliable analytics
Ability to build customized analytical reports
Integration of lube oil analysis reports*
Troubleshooting tools All the data needed for remote diagnostics
Remote access to HMI motor controller**
Troubleshooting tips for preventing emergency departures are integrated
Managing a fleet of engines Fleet map with engine availability status
Reliable and accessible engine control panel
Engine fleet summary and reporting
Performance indicators for key engine components

* separate fees may apply
** For motors with DIA.NE motor controllers XT3, XT4 or ESM2

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